As Design parameter and Standards changes, as the products are developed to provide better ‘Service’, assured ‘Performance Guarantee’ and Safety ‘Requirements’. “EBOMAC” ensure that all products are tested as per the requirement of International Standards.Since the competition in price is noted in recent periods, “EBOMAC” has maintained the leading position by providing engineering services and complete local support at site to design the switchboard to comply with specific project requirements and dedicated services at installation and commissioning period. Also, the full range of switchboards for the entire electrical installation up to the rated voltage of 12KV together with installation, commissioning services ensure the customer reliability and timely project deliveries.

“EBOMAC” has recently added complementary products to its switchboards, which are Cable Management Systems, containing: Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Cable Trucking and Electrical Installations fittings. Again, we are gaining the popularity in these products ranges for the simple reason that we are capable of manufacturing the products to meet local regulations, site conditions and tailor-made to site measurements ensuring timely deliveries.

In other words, “EBOMAC” set the trend in the local market to sell the “Services” and “Engineering Support”, and the “Products” become part of the package.


    Our Maintenance and Installation Services

  • Maintenance and installations of H.V., M.V. and L.V. switchboards 33KV / 11KV / 415 KV including the maintenance of protection and control unit and all
  • Water Front Project
  • Maintenance and Installations of Switchboard related to Emergency Diesel Generator.
  • Inspection & checking of Earthing systems for Public buildings and Power Generator stations.
  • Maintenance and installations of U.P.S. Systems including Batteries and Accessories.

    Our Testing Service

  • EBOMAC has obtained Testing Certificates from Independent Testing Laboratories for its products. List of TEsting Certificates is published.
  • The following Tests are offered by us (EBOMAC):
  • Primary injection test.
  • H.V. & L.V. Cable insulation test.
  • H.V. Circuit Breaker and E.L.C.B’s testing.
  • Transformer oil and Circuit breaker oil Test.
  • Testing of Control and Protection system.
  • Testing of Generators.
  • Temperature Rise Test.
  • Calibration of Protection relays and Circuit Breakers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is given equal importance as to the basic design & manufacture of the products & the parts.

Quality Inspection is carried out at every stage of manufacture and final inspection is done on finished products. Factory routine test as per quality assurance procedure is carried-out & the product is certified for delivery only when the product meets the acceptance of the quality standards.

However quality of the product, safety & performance also depends on the Switchgear installation & associated items connected with the switchgear.
Every product is accompanied with Quality Test Certificate.

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